Rage Against God

Peter Hitchens, The Rage Against God (2010)

This is another book written by a former atheist. (Last time we reviewed former atheist, Antony Flew, who for 50 years wrote against theism and was considered the leading academic atheist, but about six years before he died, changed his mind and wrote There Is a God.) Peter Hitchens is brother of the famous (or infamous) Christopher Hitchens, who has written many books against Christianity. I say with no sense of delight that Christopher recently postponed his latest book tour to undergo treatment for throat cancer, perhaps caused by his heavy smoking and drinking. May the Lord be pleased to deal with him regarding his soul. Christopher has spent a lifetime fighting the Lord and His Messiah (Psalm 2:1-3).

His brother Peter was also an atheist at one time, but the sub-title to his book tells his story: How Atheism Led Me to Faith. The book tells Peter’s life story in atheism, and how he came to faith in the resurrection of the Christ. Peter also writes in an irenic spirit, and many times he addresses his infidel brother with gentle challenges. Peter also demonstrates the rage that the new atheism has against Christians and Christianity. Unlike the calm atheism of the recent past, this new breed of atheism, of which Christopher is a leader, engages in name calling, hate speech, and ad hominem attacks. They are fundamentalist atheists. They are writing books saying that religion, especially Christianity with its exclusive claim to truth, should be destroyed. (Persecution of Christians would be the next logical step.)

This is an easy to read 200 page book that should be great encouragement to Christians to see once again a man who was a hard core atheist come to faith not only in some kind of God, but the Christian God, more specifically, Jesus as the Son of God, and belief in His bodily resurrection. Particularly interesting are the three chapters where he deals with the three things often brought up by atheists. (1) Atheists claim that most wars are caused by religion, but Peter Hitchens shows that other factors dominate. Moreover, Peter shows how many hundreds of millions atheistic governments have murdered in the last 100 years. (2) Atheists think they can have morality without the Triune God, but Hitchens demonstrates otherwise. (3) When atheists are confronted with the horrors of atheistic governments and all their murders, they claim such governments were not really atheistic but religious in disguise! Take a look at this one!

The Very Rev. Dr. Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D.

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