Eusebius: The Church History (new translation by Paul Maier)

This is a brand new translation of the classic work on church history, done by Eusebius in the 300s.  Paul Maier has made the translation very readable.  The book covers the first three centuries of the church.  Here are questions on the flap that it covers:

  • What happened to Jesus’ disciples later in life?
  • When were the Gospels written, who wrote them, and where?
  • Did Peter ever get to Rome?
  • Where did John spend the rest of his life?
  • Did Nero condemn Paul in Rome or set him free?
  • How did the New Testament canon develop?
  • Why and how were the early Christians persecuted?
    The new translation is very readable, and the copious footnotes extremely helpful, not to mention the many color pictures of sites and relics.  For tremendous insight into the history of the church, why not read the first church historian, Eusebius, and learn from the learned, ancient historian and conservative scholar, Paul Maier.  Highly recommended.