Why Is God Always Late?


Rev. Dr. Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D., Why Is God Always Late?, published 2012, soft cover, about 145 pages, very easy reading. Earlier in the year I was talking to Bishop Ray Sutton around my kitchen table, telling about God’s timing miracles in my life, how I was almost killed several times in Vietnam and other such things. He said that I ought to write something up before I forgot the details. My wife Ruth also enthusiastically endorsed the idea. The title is provocative, for obviously, God is never late. Yet I’ve sure thought He was, and the “miracles” in my life have been primarily ones of timing, like being on the last chopper and one of the last ones on it after the first two had been shot down. You can probably read this in one or two sittings, and I hope that you will be encouraged. It is not on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or our web site (www.ftstl.com) yet, but should be shortly. Watch for it, please. AMEN.

NOT Ten Suggestions

My fifth book is about the Ten Commandments. One major theologian recommends the book, The Rev. Dr. John Frame, professor of apologetics and philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary, yet the book is eminently readable, as testified to by many laypeople who have read it.  It is a humorous, insightful, thoughtful, and practical interpretation of the Ten Commandments.  This book, more than any other one I have on this blog, represents my slogan under my name at the top. If one wants to know what is wrong with the USA, the West in general, or just how to live one’s personal life, this is the book to get!

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Two free chapters from the book may be downloaded from the above link in PDF format.

Man as God: The Word of Faith Movement

My fourth book was my doctoral dissertation.  The Foreword is by the very popular John MacArthur, and on the back is another recommendation by the popular scholar Michael Scott Horton.  This was the first book to go in depth regarding the televangelists, such as Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin (now deceased), Charles Capps, just to name a few.  The work not only corrects their errant views of Christ, providence, healing, miracles (and must more), but also gives the historic, biblical teaching.  In other words, it is not just refutation but also the presentation of the truth.  There is much in the book regarding exegesis or interpretation.  This is not a book against charismatics but is about the abuses of word-faith and how it discourages so many people who can’t live up to so-called super-Christian life.  Extensive indices to topics, persons, and passages from the Bible.

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Lordship Salvation: The Only Kind There Is

This was my third book. The book deals with the theological controversy that says Christ can be your savior without being your Lord.  It especially analyzes Jody Dillow’s work, The Reign of Servant Kings, taking aim at the substance of that work.  Super-scholar John Gerstner, shortly before his death, wrote the foreword to this work.  There are five appendices.  One deals with John 15, another reprints B. B. Warfield’s critique of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s He That Is Spiritual (his article was over 100 years ago), antinomianism in dispensationalism, the Bible and lordship, and finally the early fathers and lordship.  Extensive indices to topics and passages from the Bible.

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My First Book

My first book was written with the Rev. Grover Gunn and titled Dispensationalism Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow.  It went through three editions and six printings. I’m receive more emails and calls about that book, to this day, than any others, asking me to update it and reprint it.  I’m considering that. It was a loving critique of dispensationalism, and since our first edition, there are now three competing kinds of dispensationalism: classic dispensationalism (Lewis Sperry Chafer and C. I Scofield), moderate dispensationalism (Walvoord, Pentecost, Ryrie), and now progressive dispensationalism (too many to mention, but Blaising and Bock are representative). First published in early 1985.  If you can find the third edition and sixth printing, it will explain these various views, how they are similar and how they differ.

How to Profit from Our Afflictions

This was my second book. The book is about trials, afflictions, problems that we all have, such as relationships, money, career, job, health, death of a loved one, and just normal day to day problems. Over the years we’ve published a hard copy, and we’ve received many calls, emails, and letters thanking us for this work.

Thomas Boston was a Presbyterian minister in the 1700s who had many afflictions so he wrote this took as a comfort to himself as well as to others. Dr. Crenshaw has had a major affliction each decade of his 66 years, so about 23 years ago he rewrote this work in modern English and rearranged it completely, adding modern example and illustrations. (Thus, it is now copyrighted.)

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