Death of Right and Wrong

Tammy Bruce wrote The Death of Right and Wrong (New York: Three Rivers Press, 2003). Ms. Bruce denies that she is a Christian, and is says she is pro-choice and a feminist. She was once heavily involved in the National Organized for Women and in leftist causes. Thus her insight from an insider’s view is not only revealing, but her sense of right and wrong is usually on target, testifying to the remnant of the image of God within her. Sadly, though, she has no solution to the evils that plague our society, for that lies only in Christ. Only He can change people’s hearts to want to practice the commandments of God, which change is a product of the Gospel, trusting in the substitutionary death of Christ for our sins and in His bodily resurrection. Ms. Bruce speaks of the “core values” of Christianity as ethics, which is typical of those who do not want a supernatural God. The theological core is hidden from her, which is the Holy Trinity and the person and work of Christ. The moral ethics of Christianity is secondary to Christ Himself. She does not see that her approval of murdering babies and her lesbianism are violations of God’s law, and that she needs to be delivered from these by trusting in Christ. My heart goes out to her, but it is an easy and good read.

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