Why Is God Always Late?


Rev. Dr. Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D., Why Is God Always Late?, published 2012, soft cover, about 145 pages, very easy reading. Earlier in the year I was talking to Bishop Ray Sutton around my kitchen table, telling about God’s timing miracles in my life, how I was almost killed several times in Vietnam and other such things. He said that I ought to write something up before I forgot the details. My wife Ruth also enthusiastically endorsed the idea. The title is provocative, for obviously, God is never late. Yet I’ve sure thought He was, and the “miracles” in my life have been primarily ones of timing, like being on the last chopper and one of the last ones on it after the first two had been shot down. You can probably read this in one or two sittings, and I hope that you will be encouraged. It is not on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or our web site (www.ftstl.com) yet, but should be shortly. Watch for it, please. AMEN.