Difference between American Independence and French Revolution

August, 2012, by the Rev. Dr. Curtis Crenshaw

In the 1770s before the defensive war for Independence, John Wesley wrote “A Calm Address to Our American Colonies,” in which he invoked the idea that we should submit to the governing authorities as ordained by God. An anonymous person responded with “A Constitutional Answer to Wesley’s Calm Address,” accusing Wesley of  plagiarism as well as a gross misunderstanding of the Constitutional law that bound the Colonies and England, that such law had been sorely abused by England, thus nullifying the agreement. Then I’ve added a third section on the “Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate,” which explains how we did things correctly to declare ourselves independent of abuse, and how that doctrine says the law is king (God’s law, that is), and denies that the king is the law. In other words, there is no divine right of kings to do as they please, but like everyone else, they are under God’s law. Please click here to get the pdf version of the whole thing.