Man as God: The Word of Faith Movement

My fourth book was my doctoral dissertation.  The Foreword is by the very popular John MacArthur, and on the back is another recommendation by the popular scholar Michael Scott Horton.  This was the first book to go in depth regarding the televangelists, such as Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin (now deceased), Charles Capps, just to name a few.  The work not only corrects their errant views of Christ, providence, healing, miracles (and must more), but also gives the historic, biblical teaching.  In other words, it is not just refutation but also the presentation of the truth.  There is much in the book regarding exegesis or interpretation.  This is not a book against charismatics but is about the abuses of word-faith and how it discourages so many people who can’t live up to so-called super-Christian life.  Extensive indices to topics, persons, and passages from the Bible.

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