Who Is Holy Enough to be President?

(© The Very Rev. Dr. Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D., November 1, 2016)

Adam would not have qualified because he did not stand up to Satan when he tempted his wife, Eve, to eat of the fruit. He effectively threw his wife under the bus; who would want a coward for president?

Noah would not qualify because he was guilty of getting drunk at the worst possible time and then engaging in incest with his daughters, who gave birth to his children. If  Weiner may be ousted for sexting a minor, how much worse was Noah who got his daughters pregnant!

Abraham lied about his wife being his sister, and then he did not believe God’s promise about having the promised seed through Sarah. Impatient, he impregnated his wife’s assistant, Hagar, who in turn had Ishmael. It was only later that Abraham had the true promised seed, Isaac, with Sarah. Who would want a liar, a double-minded man,  and fornicator for president?

Moses could not be president because he murdered an Egyptian, which was also profiling. Who is going to hold him accountable for these crimes? Could he really be trusted to lead a nation? Moreover, he ran off after killing the Egyptian and raised sheep for 40 years. How would having his own business qualify him for politics, and especially living in solitude for all those years? Would he be able to speak eloquently in public? He did not think so.

Samson would be out because he could not keep his hands off women, often going to bed with them. How could a womanizer do God’s will for a nation? Maybe Bill Clinton has followed his example.

Saul was chosen by the people to be king, but they liked him because he was nice looking and larger by a head than most men. They did not look on the heart, for if they had, they would have noticed that he was an ego-maniac. God killed him and installed David as king.

But how did David qualify for that high office as leader of Israel? After being confirmed as King, he committed two very heinous sins. First, he numbered Israel to see how many soldiers he had, putting his confidence in his military might rather than in his covenant LORD (1 Chron. 21). Second, he committed adultery with Bathsheba, got her pregnant, and then murdered her Husband, Uriah the Hittite. Then he took Bathsheba as his wife.

Israel split into two nations: the northern ten tribes, called Israel, and the southern two tribes called Judah. There was not one good king in the north and only a few in Judah, but most had some problem.

There was a king of Palestine appointed by the Caesar of Rome, and that was Herod the Great who murdered relatives, wives, sons, and anyone who got in his way. He told more lies than the Caesars, which is saying something, since they often told lies to cover their butts. Sound familiar? He tried to murder baby Jesus by having all the babies two years of age and under murdered, but even then he only killed about 18 babies. That is not nearly as many as Hitlery and others have murdered with abortion, which is 55 million and counting since abortion became legal in January 1973.

There were no significant kings of the northern ten tribes of Israel in New Testament times because Israel was under foreign rule—Rome. But the High Priest, who was supposed to be appointed for life, was also supposed to be male and of the house of Aaron. There were two High Priests in the Lord’s day: Annas and Caiaphas, neither one of the house of Aaron. The reason there were two High Priests was corruption. Annas and Caiaphas bought their way into the most political position of Palestine: High Priest. When Annas did not please the Roman authorities, they put him out, but Annas pulled some strings to get his son-in-law, Caiaphas, installed. It was political conspiracy. Sound familiar?

Peter was not qualified because he was so fickle: proclaiming Jesus one minute and denying Him three times the next minute. Also, he had permanent hoof in mouth disease, always saying something off the cuff that got him in trouble. Remind you of someone?

No way Paul could serve since he had arrested many Christians and murdered some. Moreover, he was very confrontational.

John Adams, second president of the USA, had been exposed to the Puritans as he grew up, but their Calvinism did not stay with him. He wrote Thomas Jefferson and said something like: I could wish you to live long enough to become a Calvinist,” to which Jefferson responded: “Dear sir, you wish for me immortality.” Both seemed to be more deist than Christian, and in those days who wanted practical atheists in the high office?

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the USA, was a deist who sired children by his slave women.

Benjamin Franklin was a womanizer, and was not a Christian; rather, he was polytheistic.

We could continue, but you get the point—there are no perfect people for the high office of president. Indeed, the Clintons and Obamas have been some of the worst presidents in our history, and should never have been elected.

How qualified was Jesus to be King? According to the standards of that time, He was not unqualified. He had never served in any office before. His education was limited to His step-father and mother. The only job He had learned to do was carpentry. He was intolerant to those who did not like them, often calling them names such as liars, hypocrites, disciples of hell, fools, blind guides, whited sepulchers, serpents, brood of vipers, murderers, those who killed the prophets, and so on. He needed to learn tolerance if He were to succeed in politics! He had never traveled out of His country, and He had never been published. Those who followed Him were ignorant fishermen, tax collectors, and those not well known in society. And He was not acceptable in high society.  He had no military experience so how could He lead in fighting wars? Finally, He had been unemployed the last three years of His life, depending on others for food, and sometimes slept in the open. Such an independent minded person who did not fit in with professional politicians would never do.

Moreover, He had never been married, and that would mean He was not well adjusted, or worse, He may be a womanizer. Suspicion is raised when we know that women often followed Him in His travels. Sometimes he ate with prostitutes.


So, to those Christians who think we are voting for the lesser of two evils if we vote for Trump, who would be righteous enough for you? Is it not prudent to have the lesser evil person rather than greater evil? In every election since the USA began, from municipal, county, state, and to federal, we have always voted for the lesser of two evils because no one is perfect! If we don’t vote for the lesser evil, then we will elect one of the evilest families in USA history. AMEN.Ω.

6 thoughts on “Who Is Holy Enough to be President?

  1. Dear Curtis+,

    I respect your opinion on this matter. However, your summary is the exact problem. Both people are so ungodly that it is truly hard to see which is the most evil. Donald Trump is running as a Republican, but he has been and has supported the liberal agenda all of his life. Both candidates are flagrant liars. Trump changed his “opinion” on issues as he went through the campaign.

    This has nothing to do with looking for a perfect candidate. Most Christians, myself included, are sickened that these two people are the best we have to offer for presidential candidates. We don’t want either one. That is why so many people don’t want to vote at all. I am struggling with what to do myself. Trump is a liberal in conservative clothing.

    Do we knowingly vote for someone we know is not who they say they are? Won’t we be held accountable for such an action by God? The liberals win no matter who we vote for in this election. I don’t believe Trump will build a wall or get rid of Obamacare, or make good on any of his other campaign promises. How can we trust him when he continually lies about everything?



    On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 2:28 PM, Curtis Crenshaw’s Thoughts and Works wrote:

    > Curtis Crenshaw posted: “(© The Very Rev. Dr. Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D., > November 1, 2016) Adam would not have qualified because he did not stand up > to Satan when he tempted his wife, Eve, to eat of the fruit. He effectively > threw his wife under the bus; who would want a coward ” >

    • Thanks John,
      Hope things are well with your ministry. I’m still trying to retire, but not quit, with only moderate success.

      I understand your concerns; I’ve had several other such concerns to my series of blogs on voting, though several hundred in favor of my articles. My point is that God uses evil to His glory, but why should we not pursue lesser evil. God expects us to use human means, such as voting. If you can’t vote for either one, fine. I won’t fault you, but don’t fault me for voting. I keep hearing people say, “Dr. Crenshaw, if we keep going like we are, do you think God will judge us?” Six years ago I wrote a 400 page book to answer that question, titled NOT Ten Suggestions (on Amazon). My verbal response to that question in various Bible studies has been this: “What to you think Obama is, a blessing?” I’ve quoted John Calvin on my Facebook: “When God wants to judge a nation, he gives them wicked rulers.” If we have eyes to see, the Triune God’s judgment is all around us: abortion, lying, LGBT, legal theft through abusive taxes, persecution of Christians (recall that Obama tried to make the Roman Catholic Church support abortion, which Hillary will continue, as she her stated a few days ago), violence and murder off the chart, our children being converted to agnosticism and atheism in our public schools and colleges, etc.

      You should visit my blog and read the whole series of articles on voting (curtiscrenshaw.wordpress.com). I’m not in despair if the King of kings puts Hillary in office, for He knows that His recalcitrant church in the USA needs purifying; but I’m also for using human means to keep that from happening. I say one more time, the difference between Hillary and Trump is degree, not kind, in their persons, but Trump’s view on wholesale murder of babies and appointing judges is a difference of kind, at least to me. We Christians need to be diligent, faithful in every area of life, and not put our hopes in any one person, Hillary or Trump, that kind of trust is reserved for JESUS THE LORD!

  2. Compare the platforms to God’s Word and vote based on how they line up with it! It states clearly that the nation that supports Israel will be blessed. He has honored people that refuse to murder babies. Study history (American and world) and learn from it!

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