G. K. Beale, The New International Greek Testament Commentary: The Book of Revelation, 1999 (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.)

Beale_BookRevelationAnother Beale tome. The man does not sleep; he must be like Mr. Spock who only slept once a month for 24 hours. Good grief and praise the Lord for such a productive servant.

Beale leaves no stone unturned in his research for this 1,200 page tome. My only complaint is that he “only” averages about five footnotes per page!

It seems to me that he leaves no problem unanswered, no text not exegeted, and brings to bear every scholar who has ever commented on it, both ancient and modern. Moreover, he is exceptional in connecting with the Old Testament. This is truly a remarkable conservative work. His remarkable interpretation of Rev. 19 and 20 is worth the price of this moderately expensive work. No serious library should be without it, whether formal library, scholar’s personal library, or pastor. It appears from a quick survey that Beale is amil.

He has indexes of modern authors and of scripture. He has no quotes from Lewis Sperry Chafer (found of our Dallas Theological Seminary), from C. I. Scofield, Charles Ryrie, but many quotes from John Walvoord, the late president of DTS who wrote a commentary on Revelation.

Highly recommended.

There is one caveat: it is a very technical work, not for those who have limited training in Greek. AMEN.

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