Donald Trump?

20 Dec 2015

© The Very Rev. Dr. Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D.

Many conservatives, including me, think Trump is a joke. How can one lead the presidential race when his policies are all generic nothingness based on apoplexy? It is more a commentary on the USA voter’s ignorance and commitment to narcissism than to any good solution to our problems. If Trump wins, he will be basically the same as Obama, only the other side of the coin. He is so thin skinned and arrogant that if some do not give him what he wants as President, he’ll use his pen and phone for executive orders, like you know who has done.

Moreover, a man who claims that the Bible is his favorite book, but he cannot give you his favorite verse–and won’t even discuss it–is a liar. The one who refuses to confess Jesus publicly will not be confessed by Jesus to His Father (Matt. 10:33). If he does not become the candidate, he will consign the Republican Party to the trash heap by running independently, which will give the election to the Triune God-haters again. (But then most of the GOP are the same.) We deserve it, but I’m asking the Lord for mercy, not justice. Yet we have some very fine Christian candidates in the GOP for the high office, but Trump is not one of them. He is not to be trusted, but will ALWAYS put his interest above everything else.

Have you seen Trump interviewed? I’ve seen Bill O’Reilly interview many people, and he is very tough on them, often raising his voice and “body-slamming” them with his queries. Indeed, often the spin starts with him, his views, and his leading questions to get his interviewees to agree with him. Not so with Trump. O’Reilly uses careful language, does not raise his voice, coddling him that he is a great candidate with great ideas. But when O’Reilly does push him, and Trump arches his back and hisses like a cat, then O’Reilly eases up and Trump calms down. Point: Trump can be controlled. Point: Trump does not know himself. Point: If he becomes Mr. President, his enemies will know how to control him—stroke his ego.

While Obama will pout, not confront the media, and will use his checkbook and phone to get what he wants, Trump will scream back, confront the media, and will use his checkbook and phone to get what he wants. Neither Obama nor Trump will listen to anyone but themselves. He claims to be a great negotiator, but he cannot even give and take with those who oppose him. His “solution” is to talk over others, increase decibel levels, not answer the question but go on tangents (most candidates are equally adept at that!), and generally shoot from the hip then defend himself later.

Yes, the American voter is angry, but anger does not solve problems; it only allows a pacifier to enter the Oval Office, a pacifier with no plan (sound familiar?), only one who cries loudly and kicks and screams until someone soothes him.

I’m a preacher, and these days if a preacher blasts all the evils in society, many in the pews will say that he tells it like it is. But if the preacher never offers solutions or few anyway, he is just a blowhard, full of hot nothingness. People will line up to follow him only to realize that he is going nowhere.

Consider three umpires calling balls and strikes at home plate. The ump calls a strike, and someone in the crowd yells at the ump: “You’re blind as a bat and twice as ugly.” The ump yells in return: “I call them as they are.” At least this umpire believes in truth outside himself. Some in the race are doing just that, but not Trump.

Again we have the same scenario when the ump yells “strike,” and a fan bellows, “It’s against the law to make prank calls.” The ump says emphatically, “I call them as I see them.” In other words, there are only points of view.

On a third day with yet another ump, he calls “S T R I K E!” against little Johnny. The father yells, “Hey ump, Did your glass eye fog up? Do you know the difference between a ball and a strike? A strike goes over the plate, not over his head.” The ump in disgust yells back: “They aren’t balls or strikes until I call them. It does not matter what anyone else says.” There is no truth until someone in authority makes a proclamation. This is where we are today, and this is what Trump will give us, which is the same as we’ve had for seven years.

About the only conviction anyone has these days is themselves. Trump will give us more of that. AMEN.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump?

  1. PLEASE post this on Facebook! You’ve said what I’ve been ferling for months, and your opinion counts for a lot more than mine.

  2. Hi Curtis, You make some very good points. I like your 3 umpires. It’s a great analogy to explain the difference between pre modernism, modernism and post modernism! Jn 1:14, Tom

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    Tom Heap, DDS.

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