End of an Age

(© 21 May 2015, Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D.)

We have enough people predicting the end of the world, the rapture, Second Coming, and doom so I’m not going to say much about that at this time. Last time I had much encouragement for us as we engage the world. Maybe later I’ll discuss the end of the world concepts. (You can see my book on dispensationalism later, when I finish my latest update of it, perhaps before the Last Day judgment.)

But my purpose in a few words is more modest—to give some signs of the death of a culture, hastening to add that no one knows when the corpse will be put into its coffin. I did not conjure up these insights, for I am not a prophet, but I’m indebted to insightful men who’ve gone before me. I’ll list a few with some comments, adding that the Triune God moves slow, usually, but when judgment begins to fall, it accelerates. Judgment has begun in the West.

  • A culture changes gods. One modern day church historian has stated that 100 years ago, 80% of Christianity was in the West, such as Europe, UK, and the USA. Now 80% (or better) is in the East, Africa, below the USA border, and even in China, and especially S. Korea. Pentecostals dominate much of these areas, but Anglicanism is very strong in Africa and Presbyterianism in S. Korea.
  • The new god is invariably the state or government, as it extends its tentacles over every area of life, such as:

(1) Attacking Christianity and criminalizing it

(2) Taking over public education, making it mandatory, so they can brainwash the students to believe what they give them without question

(3) Destroy the family and the definition of marriage, such as with LGBT, making those who oppose such immorality discriminators instead of discerners of morality

(4) Control the media; otherwise, many of the people will know the “rest of the story,” the real story

(5) Abolition of private property

(6) Taking over labor and parceling out jobs

(7) Debasing the money supply, such as printing more money, which devalues the purchasing power of our paper money, bank accounts, retirement accounts, etc

(8) Taking away the citizens ability to protect themselves (in our case, desire to destroy the Second Amendment)

(9) Taxing everything under the sun, for the ability to tax is the ability to destroy. Taxing assumes ownership. I don’t know of anything we own free and clear, including our houses, for they are taxed for their property value to force us to pay for the education of others, and that in schools that promote atheism.

They do these things by creating crises that the government will solve.

Most cultures go to sleep with pleasure and leisure time, so they have an investment in continuing the status quo. They will support whoever gives them what they want. If government is the solution for all things, cradle (abortion?, infanticide?) to grave (euthanasia) and money in between birth and death, it is the god that governs all of life. The Lord God will not allow that to go unchecked forever. He is in process of prosecuting us now, but many Christians are waking up. We have hope.

What happens is that the government guides all things above to their lowest common denominator until the nation crumbles within. As always, the tyrants in control think they can take over, that morality, or its absence, is whatever they decide, that they can control it and its consequences. They, like Adam and Eve, think they can eat the forbidden fruit with impunity, without consequences, that no One is really in control but them. Then they crumble.

Problem is that such cultures want to be deceived so they can continue their debauchery. The root problems is love for sin, not intellectual problems (MUST Read Romans 1:18-28). As people are born and grow up in a culture, they think that the way things are is the way they should be. By an illogical inference, arguing unconsciously from “is” to “ought,” they suppress the truth about their sins, their culture, and the Creator. People love darkness because they love their sins (John 3:19-21). [David Hume is the one who demonstrated that we cannot derive “ought” from “is.” His argument has been so well accepted in the philosophical community that it now has a name: Hume’s Guillotine.]

Our responsibility is to present the love of Jesus Christ to a dying culture, not just condemn them. We must make friends with such of the world, love them enough to be able to present both God’s law and His grace.

The ONLY hope is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Son of God, who rose from the dead. We must fall on our knees, confess our sins to Him for forgiveness, and then repent in every area we can think of. We Christians have the obligation to take the Gospel to them. The Holy Trinity and the Incarnation are our only hope!  AMEN.

3 thoughts on “End of an Age

  1. I think in many ways the Church has lost its prophetic voice. There aren’t many people saying these things. Who will stand and thunder in Naboth’s defense? Do you ever feel like a voice crying in the wilderness?

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