Supreme Court Rules Not to Rule (for now)

(Rev. Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D. © 2014)

Perhaps you saw on the news that the Supreme Court would not rule on the definition of marriage, thus allowing about 30 states to keep their current laws that gays can legally marry. Thus, the Supreme Court has promoted immorality passively. Other federal judges, both at the local level and at the appeals level, have forced most of those laws on the people, for the people had mostly voted against same sex “marriages,” passing bans against same sex “marriage.” That will make it a state matter and much easier when (not if) the Supreme Court does rule in favor of such marriages. There will not be much uprising among the people since it will already be legal in most states. Thus, it seems a political ruling, to me. That the LGBT community is so excited about this only reveals that we think that God’s law is out and man’s law is in. Moreover, this will put millions more on welfare once one’s “spouse” is declared legal and thus can receive benefits.

I saw on the news a couple of years ago where two “married” lesbians wanted a baby so they hired a man to impregnate one of them. (Male prostitution?) He signed a contract that he would have nothing to do with the baby once it was born. The lesbians got a bitter divorce; and when the judge found out that the man had sired the baby, he made him pay the child support!

The destruction of the family is accelerating in the West, especially in the USA. Abortions are rampant, especially in minority communities, which is what Margaret Sanger wanted when she started Planned Parenthood. Also, as Bill O’Reilly has reported on Fox News, 75% of babies born in the black community are out of wedlock, having welfare babies so they don’t have to work. Mothers are on drugs, giving births to babies who are hooked or have mental problems. Children are not taught basic morality as in the Ten Commandments. The public schools are full of drug pushers, and subjects are not taught well. In the public schools, the Triune God is pushed out, and His authority is not honored so that students threaten teachers. (You cannot teach without godly authority.) All these students go into society and dumb it down even more, not only mentally, but also morally. Students don’t even know who George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Christopher Columbus were. (Get my booklet, Keeping Covenant and Educating Our Children.) And federal judges, along with the Supreme Court, are promoting such problems.

With heterosexual couples, a new person can be created in the image of both parents. This is one of the most profound acts of love the Lord Jesus has given us. With homosexual couples, we only have reciprocal masturbation with no possibility of reproducing. Thus from nature itself we learn that same sex unions are not right since the species cannot propagate itself. If all were gay, the human race would become extinct (reductio ad absurdum argument).

Then will male gay couples pay others to have someone’s seed implanted into some woman to have a child for them? Will that be renting wombs and selling babies by the ones who carry the babies? Will female gay couples have someone’s seed implanted into them, perhaps simultaneously, to have children, and who will decide what donor’s seed? In either case, if they “divorce,” whose children will they be?

Moreover, these same sex unions do not usually remain monogamous, which can mean the spread of AIDS, and if there are children, they will adopt the same lifestyles. Indeed, Ellen and Portia have “separated” several times, and are they counting on a baby to keep them together? Tammy Bruce, a former gay, atheist insider, reports that male homosexuals “have hundreds of sex partners a year while spreading an incurable disease or two.”[1] Blood banks will not allow male homosexuals to give blood even if they have had only one encounter because of the high risk of diseases. Tammy Bruce reports that the word “bareback” refers to male homosexuals having unprotected sex, which they brag about. This adds to the instability of home life for those involved and especially for the innocent children. From rectal and oral sex, there is infectious hepatitis, which increases the risk of liver cancer, fatal rectal cancer, not to mention HIV and AIDS, and a 30 year decrease in life expectancy.[2] “The American Psychiatric Association Press reports that ‘30% of all 20-year old gay men will be HIV positive or dead of AIDS by the time they are age 30.’ ”[3] Add to this the demand that the government pays for all these diseases, and we have an economic meltdown, not only from the medical bills but also from the decreased productivity in the market of those who cannot work, those who must take care of them, and the benefits paid to one’s “spouse.”

Moreover, whom will the children “marry”? Where will they find “spouses” when others they associate with cannot reproduce? “Love” does not justify these relationships, for love is not subjectively defined, but is defined by God’s law. (See my previous article titled “Angry Letter.”) Will these children adopted by gays want to find out who their natural parents are? Will that be deemed unconstitutional? It irks them that every child that comes into the world is the product of one man and one woman, which is a constant reminder that they are wrong. Will there be a push to have human cloning so male gays can have children?

But only one male and one female can reproduce both their images in the new offspring. Cloning one parent will not do so. Adopting will not do so. Planting male sperm into a female egg of a lesbian partner will not do so, for the other “parent” contributed nothing. Only the one impregnated will have a natural relationship with the father, the child being in the image of the donor father and receptor mother, but not the other female partner. The female partner will have no biological relationship at all with the child, and the fact that the child does not look like the woman who did not carry the child will be a constant reminder. Two (or more) males won’t be able to receive any implanting. They will be left to cloning or adopting (or trafficking in children, paying thousands of dollars for someone else’s child).

This will be devastating to the children and family as they fight over who has the right to rear the child, to make rules, and when “divorces” inevitably occur, who will have the right to the children? As it stands now, when a man and woman marry, and if one had children before the marriage and the other one did not adopt them, if they divorce, the childless parent does not have the right to visit the child. How will this work out in people of the same sex when males “marry” and one already has a child or when lesbians “marry,” and only one gives birth, or “marries” with a child? In all cases, the children will be the victims.

On a Phil Donahue talk show some years ago, I saw three who were living together, two men, and a woman. The men were homosexuals and the woman a lesbian who had her various partners visit her. But once in a while one of the men would go to the other part of the house to have sex with the woman so they could have a child, which they did, a little girl. They did not care which man was the father. All of them claimed to be her parents. When the audience asked the three what sexual orientation they wanted for their daughter, they all said together, “happy.” That meant she was being taught complete license in her sex life; all options were on the table.

Then it becomes more bizarre with four or five having legal status as a “union.” What happens when one wants to “divorce” the others? Who will pay what alimony and child support, and who will get what children? Then we will have a completely permissive society with God knows how many children who don’t have a clue who their real parents are, and who will be taught that it does not matter. They will truly be the victims. We will be a jungle, mating like animals with no accountability. How can children honor father and mother if they don’t know who they are? With no real commitment to anyone but ourselves, we’ll sink into total narcissism (and are sinking now) and sexual “freedom” (read: “enslavement”) with the motto that “anything goes.” Pedophilia, which is already being argued for, will seem mild.

Such legal group “marriages” will essentially be farms to raise children on, with multiple partners, like farm animals that breed with one another, producing many offspring, but with no direction, no morality. Because we have lost the vertical standard with God, we have lost the ability to define right and wrong between ourselves. As soon as the Triune God is removed as the standard for morality in a society, there is no objective way to define human relationships. There will be no families, just individuals seeking their own interests, not the well-being of others in a family. And who in the world will be the in-laws to all these people? Who will be the grandparents, uncles, aunts? Millions of motherless and fatherless kids will be produced with no family ties, no moral anchor, no direction in life except to live it up for themselves.

Within “families” there will be horrendous confrontation built in between parents, between children, and between parents and children. To make matters worse, if possible, a straight couple marry and have their own children. Then one of them leaves the marriage for a person of the same sex, and gets divorced from the original marriage to “marry” the same sex partner. Now who gets the children? Judges’ hands will be tied, for the children, even of an innocent Christian parent, will have to live in a gay situation, or at least to have visitation rights. The souls of the children will be in jeopardy, for God says that those who practice sinful sex will perish unless they repent (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). Will the visiting children be able to avoid same sex relations when they grow up? Then again, why marry at all? Why not just live together? Why not teach the innocent children to have sex with the same gender, then send them back to the Christian home?

Why not just have four or five living together, all having sex, and when one or two of the women have babies, just pass it around and take turns pretending to be the mom or dad? When your child grows up and goes for a job interview, and they ask for your parents’ names, just give all the names, for now a family is people living together, not a man and woman who commit themselves to one another to have and rear godly children. We are in desperate straits.

May the Triune God have mercy on the USA.


(This article is about the results of a gay lifestyle. But we Christians must recognize that we have a moral obligation to minister to those who are self-destructing, such as helping those who get diseases, caring for those whose lives are falling apart emotionally, and showing the love of Jesus to them. As St. Paul stated just before he wrote about the self-destructive nature of same sex relations, we are debtors to give others the opportunity to trust in the death and resurrection of the Lord for forgiveness of sins (Romans 1:14-16). We must not think we are better, but except by the grace of the Lord Jesus, we also perish.)

[1] Tammy Bruce, The Death of Right and Wrong (New York: Three Rivers Press, 2003).

[2] John Stott, Same-Sex Partnerships? (Grand Rapids: Fleming H. Revell, 1998), p. 53.

[3] Stott, Same-Sex Partnerships, p. 63.

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