Balls and Strikes

(by the Rev. Dr. Curtis I. Crenshaw)

(18 May 2014)

There are three views of truth today, and they may  be observed in the way a plate umpire calls balls and strikes. One says that he calls them as they are. Another one calls them as he sees them. And a final one says they aren’t balls or strikes until he calls them.

The first plate umpire holds a view of truth as objective and real. Balls and strikes present themselves to be identified as they really exist.

The second plate umpire has transferred the standard of truth from the balls and strikes to himself. It is his observation that decides what is truth, his subjective standard, and nothing else will do. If something appears to be a ball, he can call it a strike, and no one can question him, though there is room for disagreement and always room for discussion.

The third umpire is the most subjective. There is no objectivity outside himself, for he is the only one who determines what is true. He does not call them as he sees them for they really don’t exist unless he says so.

The first ump seeks to determine what the truth is outside himself. The second one thinks he is the standard for truth, and finally the third one does not believe in truth at all, only in personal opinions.

We may say the first one is a conservative politician who seeks to bring truth to bear on situations, especially the truth of the Constitution. He cannot understand why the second and third “politicians” refuse to believe his objectively clear truth statements, especially when they are based on  a written standard that has come down to us. Thus abortion is always wrong.

The second “politician” is equally nonplussed over the first one’s refusal to understand that truth has a personal point of view. The Constitution may indeed not give us the right to kill our pre-born babies, but that is not considering the view of the girls who get pregnant. They need help also so what does one do with the Constitution? He compromises it.

The third “politician” really does not believe in truth but only in choices. If one chooses to believe in balls and strikes, then they are such for him, but if one rejects that, there is another reality. They may not be balls or strikes. It does not make any difference if the “fetus” is alive from conception and has a heart beat because “truth” for this person is what he or she chooses. The “fetus” is not a baby unless the person chooses to keep it.

With the first one, the fetus is always a baby, and one never has the right to kill it. With the second one, the person choosing is determinative. The third one has the right to determine whether it is a baby.

Thus, there are three world views: (1) truth is objective and lies outside us; (2) truth is in our choices and lies within us; (3) there is no truth, only points of view.


3 thoughts on “Balls and Strikes

  1. I like that, Curtis.  It reminds me of something that I recall from English Lit.  I think it was written by Robert Browning re the “three Johns”.  There was John as others saw him, John as he saw himself and the true John known only to his maker. The piece was written in dialect and one line sans dialect was something like; “I wish some gift the gifter give us to see ourselves as others see us”.  Would be a great gift especially to see ourselves as God sees us.  Of course I do think that He will allow that if we sincerely seek Him.


      In God We Trust!

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