Pro-Choice for Babies but Not for Light Bulbs

This morning I saw two stories that touched my heart and made my blood boil at the same time. The first one was what doctors are doing in the U.K. You must go to this link. They are killing them after birth.

The other one was Rand Paul taking apart some woman in the Congress for being pro-choice for babies but not for light bulbs. Click here for this one, which is excellent!

What must we Christians do to save innocent children from this premeditated murder? We must not do the same, but we can do what the early Christians did when Roman citizens threw away bob babies; we can confiscate them. They broke the man’s law, but kept God’s law.

It is obvious that USA citizens, for the most part, especially in the NE and on the west coast, do not give a rip about children when they can hire someone to kill them before birth, and the U.K. can hire someone to kill them after birth. We will not get the laws changed for a long time, but we can do the same when the USA faced this once before, right after the Civil War. Women were having many apportions, percentage the same as today, and though it was officially illegal, they did it anyway and no one upheld the law. Over time, with grass roots efforts by Christians, not only were abortions limited to only a few, but the laws were changed. It is the grass roots effort that will win the day, as it did then. Like the early Christians, like those after the Civil War, we must continue to make inroads locally, handing out literature, educating the conscience of society. Moreover, especially we should create an underground network of doctors and adoptions agencies, doctors who are willing to risk themselves to save babies, help girls, and a list of people who will be willing to take babes, whether damaged or not. (“So the LORD said to him, ‘Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes the mute, the deaf, the seeing, or the blind? Have not I, the LORD?’” Ex. 4:11.) Christians would take throw away babies by putting ads in papers or with churches, and word of mouth. In time, we’ll get the laws changes.

Meanwhile, the growth of the kingdom is not determined by what they do in Washington. We must not adopt the idolatrous mentality that the fate of the Church is determined by who is in the Oval Office. Our Lord Christ is over that office by virtue of His Ascension. Abortions are going backwards each year. The pro-death God-haters predicted that by this time we would be having 2.5 to 3 million abortions per year, but instead we have dwindled down from a high of about 1.8 to now just a little over a million. We have done that in spite of the stringent laws and only some progress in laws in the states. It is grass roots.

We need about 2.2 rate of reproduction in the USA just to maintain our current population, but we are at 1.8 rate of birth. With lesbians and gays, who cannot reproduce, the rate will continue to fall. There is no known case of a country coming back to positive population growth after going into negative one. Couple that with Latinos, Muslims, and blacks who tend to have more than 2.2, it will not take long that the whites will be a severe minority and Latinos and blacks the overwhelming majority. It is already too late for Europe. They are gone.

Our culture thinks of children as a curse, thus we can kill them in the womb, kill them after birth, only have one or two as a token amount. They we take no accountability for them. We send them to the socialist, liberal schools, don’t take them to church, let them keep themselves after school. We want to be their friends instead of their God-given authority. We buy them smart phones so they can view porn, buy video games to take up their time, but we do not help them memorize scripture, to learn the creeds and the basic truths of Christian, which means they are easy prey to the reprobate in the colleges who revel in destroying the faith of those coming to them from Christian homes. (Click here for my latest sermon on abortion and the value of children in pdf.)

However, we win, and I don’t mean just at the last day, but now, right now, as you read this. The kingdom of God marches on. It is infallibly impossible to stop it. In time, we WILL turn this culture around. It may take 100 years or more, but it has been written, so it shall be done. AMEN

by the Rev. Dr. Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D.

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