Follow the Acts

I keep hearing on the news that Obama has good motives, that he means well for the country, that he is making a lot of mistakes because he is just ignorant. While we must not bear false witness against someone, yet when their acts clearly indicate a certain direction, it would be foolish to conclude that they mean well. For example, if a husband says he loves his wife and kids, but he drinks up his salary, beats them, and commits adultery, his acts, his works, clearly indicate that he does not love them.  In fact, he means them harm, regardless what his words say.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  But when we see that right after he became president, he ordered a Military Youth Brigade, wants to keep the USA from having its own domestic oil, wants to control banks and big business (can you say G.M.?), wants to control the health care, and control the education of our youth (N.E.A.), controls the birth control through abortion and euthanasia, wants to control the churches as seen in his recent attack against the Roman Catholic Church in requiring it to pay for abortions, what can one conclude but that he does not mean well? These planks are very similar to those of Hitler, such as also wanting to control the guns and do away with the Second Amendment. Obama is negotiating behind closed doors with the UN to control all the guns in the USA, laws imposed on us from other nations without Constitutional approval. Do not the actions tell the true belief?

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