Awesome Ad for Christians to Vote This Fall

While I could never pray to Mary, never believe in transubstantiation, or never believe in purgatory, there comes a time when we Christians MUST stand together. We need another reformation, but this time a reformation of all Christendom, back to just basics, such as the Nicene Creed, with its emphasis on the Holy Trinity, person of Christ as God and man in one person with no mixture of the natures, His Incarnation, death on the cross, bodily resurrection, Ascension, Second Coming and final judgment. There is not one Christian nation remaining in the world, not one, but the Church is beginning to wake up. We are being persecuted worldwide. Persecution leads to revival. We MUST pray for revival, and we MUST repent, which means a return to God’s moral law. (Please get my book, NOT Ten Suggestions:

We Christians of all traditions, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, and Roman Catholic, who can sign off on the content of the Nicene Creed if not the Creed itself, must ban together. If we don’t, revival will not come anytime soon. The Church has always been the firewall between governments and culture, and moral decay and judgment. If we do not stand, who will? We are the last bastion of freedom.

Now please view this three minute video about voting this November, and what is at stake. Awesome!

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