Gospel of Judas

Gospel of Judas

15 April 2006/ updated Feb 2012

© Rev. Dr. Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.M., Th.D.[1]

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(1) Media

(2) Liberal scholars on National Geographic

(3) Gnosticism and the West

(4) Gospel of Judas itself and the four Gospels

(5) Our response


This past Sunday (April 9th, 2006), National Geographic made their liberal splash with the presentation of their latest Christian bashing documentary: the Gospel of Judas.  National Geographic seems to be making a career of going after Christianity any way they can.

If you have been awake the last 25 to 30 years, you should have noticed how, with every increasing intensity, the liberal media are going after anything Christian.  In fact, an atheist lady named S. E. Cupp, has written a book, Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity, warning Christians that we are under attack. We are in spiritual warfare at its most intense level.  We are increasingly polarizing in the USA between Christians and liberals, and this is good, for then we know where the battle lines are drawn, and issues become defined.  And in a war, we must have definition of who the enemy is and what they are thinking.  But for us, the warfare is not about hate, but about loving our enemies anyway.  The difference in this war is that we already know the outcome.

The media bias against Christianity has been documented many times by Fox News, as recently as this past Tuesday night, when Bill O’Reilly stated that once again, close to a sacred Christian holiday—Easter—they are going after Christianity.  Make no mistake that the timing of National Geographic in releasing their new anti-Christian campaign is carefully planned: the Sunday before Easter and again during Holy Week leading up to Easter.

Of course they do not bash Islam or Buddhism or any other religion, but then they are not seen as a threat to their system.  Because we Christians present Christ as the ONLY way to God, as King of kings and Lord of lords, which means He is Lord over them and their media, subject to His judgment, they rightly see us as a threat.  We are not a threat physically in any way, of course, and they take advantage of that.  But when we preach the Gospel and people are converted to Christ, those people now are also marching in a new army, the Church.  That is the threat!  They don’t want their slaves being freed.  All faiths are evangelistic for their cause, and National Geographic is no exception for their liberal faith.

(See the whole review in pdf.)

[1] This pamphlet may be printed, handed out, and emailed, if and only if it is not done so for a fee. Also, please copy my blog information above to include with it.  Thank you.

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