Court Acquittal and the Mystery of Providence

Twenty years ago this Saturday, I and 16 others were acquitted of crimes we did not do after 4 1/2 months of trial. Four and five days a week, eight hours a day, we listened to lies, false inferences, and just plain nonsense. The evidence was all against us, or so it was thought, but we won everything, 100%, but only by His sovereign grace. It was disheartening to have people, even Christian people, try us at a distance without all the facts and without the jurisdiction to do so. I think that is called bearing false witness. I’ve withheld judgment regarding Casey Anthony. I watched the verdict as it was read live regarding her, and I stood in Casey’s place with memories of 20 years ago as our verdicts were read. I cried once again. Whether she is guilty or not, only she and God know, but it is not my place to judge without all the facts and without the proper jurisdiction. I do know one thing: the media hyped this thing for all the advertising they could get, and anyone who listens to such gossip deserves all the negative feelings they have.

In Tennessee it is part of the TN state constitution that “the jury shall have a right to determine the law and the facts.” The attorneys on our case said they often asked and received the right to bring this out in criminal trials in Memphis, TN. I strongly disagree with Judge Berry’s final exhortation to the jury that they must not judge the law as well as the facts. If that is true, we are at the mercy of runaway government. They can make any law they please and expect the juries of this country to uphold it. I love this country; I shed my life’s blood in Vietnam (Purple Heart, Bronze Star); therefore, as a juror I would not uphold an ungodly law, for God’s law takes the precedence over all other laws. In other words, there is only one moral law―God’s, and all human laws are either an application of His law or rebellion to His law. There is no neutrality.

(Please click here for a pdf file of a summary of our acquittal 20 years ago.)

3 thoughts on “Court Acquittal and the Mystery of Providence

  1. I recall all that trial, as I was called in and questioned about the trial, as I was a Church member. Judges are tyrants and try to be legislators also. In regards to Vietnam, I don’t think that was a Constitutional war. First of all, it wasn’t defending the US and it allowed treaties to trump the Constitional requirement of a defensive war.

    • I recall that you were called in to be questioned, Charles; seems like a million years ago. And you’re probably right about the Vietnam war. I was drafted, but my serving with distinction still showed my love for the country. At the time as a young man, Constitutional issues did not enter my mind.

  2. That was a beautiful story, Dean Crenshaw. I had no idea that you were once in the PCA, or that you had been subjected to such persecution.

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