Fickle vs. Fixed, Values vs. Absolutes (I am my own god)

Today our culture is absorbed with “values.”  We even hear a lot from the Christian community about “values.”  The idea from both culture and Christians is that one can choose whichever he likes, and it may or may not matter.  “Values” connotes that which is not absolute but just a matter of personal taste.  I keep hearing on Christian radio about Christian values.  I would like to proclaim from the roof top that there are no values, just God’s law.  There are no values for Christians and different values for the world.  There is only God’s law word, the same commandments for the world as for Christians.  I keep hearing from Christians that our values are being set aside by our culture, but we don’t make up our own morality, we Christians don’t have values, unless we’re in rebellion.  There is only one morality that exists because there is only one God who exists, and we can’t change His morality.  Here is the table of contents for a free chapter from my book that discusses these matters in some detail:

Chapter 2—God’s Law… 1

Introduction.. 1

I. Morality Implies Persons. 1

II. Morality Implies Principles. 6

III. Morality Implies Personal Responsibility. 7

IV. How Many Moral Systems Are There?. 8

A. Humans Cannot Create Moral Law.. 9

B. Only One Law-Giver. 10

C. No Values. 12

D. Only One Moral Law.. 13

V. Is There Natural Moral Law?. 16

A. What Is Human Natural Law?. 17

B. What Is Biblical Natural Law?. 19

VI. Law and Love. 23

VII. What Is Sin?. 25

VIII. How Universal Is Sin?. 26

Conclusion.. 29

Here is the free chapter in pdf format.

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