My First Book

My first book was written with the Rev. Grover Gunn and titled Dispensationalism Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow.  It went through three editions and six printings. I’m receive more emails and calls about that book, to this day, than any others, asking me to update it and reprint it.  I’m considering that. It was a loving critique of dispensationalism, and since our first edition, there are now three competing kinds of dispensationalism: classic dispensationalism (Lewis Sperry Chafer and C. I Scofield), moderate dispensationalism (Walvoord, Pentecost, Ryrie), and now progressive dispensationalism (too many to mention, but Blaising and Bock are representative). First published in early 1985.  If you can find the third edition and sixth printing, it will explain these various views, how they are similar and how they differ.

One thought on “My First Book

  1. During seminary (DTS), a friend of mine flew to Vancouver to interview Dr. J.I. Packer. During their conversation, my friend asked, “What is your opinion of Dispensationalism?” Dr. Packer smiled, causing his eyes to become thin lines and said,
    “Forming an opinion about Dispensationalism is like trying to put your finger on a ball of mercury. You just can’t pin it down.”

    I would have believed Dr. Packer if I hadn’t read,
    “Dispensationalism Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow.” In this volume, Dr. Crenshaw demonstrates his firm grasp of the subject. Here, the reader will find a wide use of exegetical tools along with copious citations of theological sources. In addition, Dr. Crenshaw demonstrates in lucid fashion the implications of Dispensationalism upon hermeneutics, soteriology, escatology and ethics.

    While this work is essential reading for pastors, it is not beyond the reach of studious lay-people. More than one person in the pew has grown in their appreciation for the unity of Scripture and the purpose of God in creation. I heartily recommend it for your consideration.

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