The Heresy of Orthodoxy

Book Review:
Kostenberger and Kruger
The Heresy of Orthodoxy

Perhaps you have seen specials on PBS or National Geographic where liberal scholars, like Elaine Pagels and Bart Ehrman, try to say that there were many christianities competing to be the one in power. They have an aire of authority when they try to demonstrate such from the writings of some of the early fathers, but neglect others. They say that the New Testament books were decided on after the fact, several hunder years after the New Testament era, and after “orthodoxy” had been decided by those who had the power. Enter Kostenberger and Kruger who survey the fathers, their quotes of the New Testament, and then survey the New Testament itself to demonstrate how wrong these liberals are. Kostenberger and Kruger demonstrate that the New Testament books were already being considered scripture by fellow apostels, such as Peter who referred to Paul’s writings as Scripture (2 Peter 3:15-16), Paul who quoted Luke as scripture (1 Timothy 5:18), and first generation fathers who quoted the Apostles profusely as scripture, such as Polycarp who knew John quoting Ephesians as scripture. This is a very encouraging read and not so full of jargon that you have to be a specialist to hanlde it, yet these men are keen scholars. This book is soft cover and only about 250 pages of text.

The Very Rev Dr Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D.

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