Bible and Homosexual Practice

Robert A. J. Gagnon, The Bible and Homosexual Practice, published 2001, over 500 pages. This is without a doubt the best book on the subject. Gagnon is a very competent scholar, and he delves into Greek from Plato to Philo and to Josephus. He also researches what the Jews believed, not only in the Old Testament but also between the Old and New Testaments. He quotes dozens of sources demonstrating that “natural use” and “against nature” in Romans 1:26 were set phrases that referred to heterosexual and homosexual respectively. There is nothing left to be said once he is done. The one draw back to the book, if one can call it that, for most people is that if you don’t like hundreds of quotes from scholarly literature and cannot handle serious Greek grammar, you’ll parts of it tedious reading, yet you’ll still benefit from it.  From a biblical perspective, there is nothing left to say.  Dr. Gagnon leaves no stone unturned, and he address such arguments as to say homosexuality is sin is unloving, saying, rather, it is the most loving thing one can do.  As I’ve taught and preached for years, and as I’ve said to a doctor and a nurse, to pretend someone does not have a terminal disease that is curable every time the medicine of the gospel is applied is the most unloving thing one can do.


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