There Is a God, Antony Flew

This book is soft cover and only about 220 pages of text. It is written by one who was for 50 years the foremost scholar for atheism in the world. He was a British philosopher who died about a month ago (April 2010) at age 87, and was noted for the many books he wrote on the philosophy of religion, promoting atheism. Much to the chagrin of his fellow atheists, in 2004 he changed his mind, and then wrote this book in 2007. All the work done by theistic scientists in intelligent design convinced him there was a super-intelligence who created the universe. This is the very readable, non-technical story of the reasons for his change. Flew became open to the Christian faith, and even had Christian scholar N. T. Wright add an appendix on the evidence for the bodily resurrection of Christ, which he said was “very powerful”! Whether he became a Christian will only be revealed at the Last Day, but this is a very encouraging read. He takes atheists like Dawkins (The God Delusion) to task, and the atheistic world is in a tizzy about this book!

The Very Rev Dr Curtis I. Crenshaw, Th.D. 

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