Sam Harris, Letter to a Christian Nation

Sam Harris, also considered a leader in the very militant and mean spirited New Atheism, wrote Letter to a Christian Nation (2006). Like Dawkins, he is unwilling (or unable) to analyze his own assumptions and thus resorts to name calling, rage, and other emotional outbreaks. One wonders if he is really a woman with a bad case of pms. It is one of the most militant and arrogant books I’ve ever read with incredible ignorance of the Bible, though he thinks he really knows it. It is a quick, easy read of just over 100 pages. He refers to Christians as ignorant, dangerous, and just plain stupid. Who can take something like this serious? Of course, he considers himself brilliant, magnanimous, and educated. The logical conclusion to this book and to Dawkins’s book above is the persecution of Christians. One gets the impression that he wants to see us all dead.

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