Donald Fairbairn, Grace and Christology in the Early Church

Grace and Christology in the Early Church is a technical work, another Oxford Early Christian Study, by scholar Donald Fairbairn, who is Professor of Historical Theology at Erskine Theological Seminary, South Carolina.  Erskine is a seminary of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP), where I served as pastor for some years in the past.  He demonstrates from the fathers that one main concern they had in guarding the unique personhood of Christ as God and Man in one person was that otherwise there is no grace from God to save us.  In other words, they had concerns over the person of Christ to preserve the work of Christ.  To put this another way, Dr. Fairbairn demonstrates that the Chalcedonian statement of 451 was not just imperialism forced on the Church by Constantine but that it was the faith of the Church with concerns for our redemption.  The author’s knowledge of theology, the early fathers, and their languages is breathtaking.  It is not inexpensive but worth every penny.

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