Keith Ward, What The Bible Really Teaches (Not)

When one sees the title of a book like that (What the Bible Really Teaches), it always breeds caution.  The author, Keith Ward, is retired as Regius Prof. of Divinity at Oxford.  About the only thing good about this book is that it gives us what not to believe. I’ve never seen so many passages twisted in one short book of about 200 pages.  He denies the infallibility of Scripture but assumes it himself.  He says the Bible has authority, “but that authority is not unchangeable, final, or complete” (p. 15).  How does he know this without assuming such himself?  As one theologian has pointed out, infallibility is an inescapable concept.  It is only denied to show up somewhere else, in this case, as is so often true, it is transferred from text to reader.  Now Ward will infallibly tell us which parts are infallible.  Among his many denials are these:

  1. Creation is symbolic
  2. No one could possibly know about a second coming
  3. Everyone will be saved in the end

I could name many more heresies in the book, but you get the point.  If you want to know how liberals think, read this one; otherwise, read a novel.

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