Keeping Covenant and Educating Our Children, Curtis Crenshaw

This booklet is about the importance of taking control of educating our children in good Christian schools.  It is against public education.  It is available as a booklet and as a pdf file.  To order, please click here.  Here is the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

Keeping Covenant and Educating Our Children

  1. Children Are God’s Gifts                                                                      3
  2. Parents Must Teach Their Children to Obey                                       3
  3. Who Owns the Family?                                                                          11
  4. Dangers of an anti-Christian Education                                               14
    1. No Neutrality                                                                                  14
    2. Ungodly Peer Pressure                                                                   17
    3. Learning by Assumption                                                                22
    4. Moral Dangers                                                                                25
    5. Sexual Dangers                                                                               28
    6. Physical Danger                                                                              30
    7. Spiritual Danger                                                                              30
    8. Intellectual Danger                                                                         32
  5. Alternatives and Objections                                                                 34
  6. How Are Public Schools Financed?                                                      37

Conclusion                                                                                            39

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